How to fill your CAO 📜📑

  1. Pick according to your interests ❤️ Don’t pick a course because your parents told you so or someone said there are good career opportunities afterwards. Pick something you’ll enjoy studying and make sure to research the modules, after all you’ll be the one studying it for 4 years. .
  2. Research the colleges properly 🏛️ Visit the college open days and get a feel for what it is like. Try to speak to people who are doing the course and can tell you what college life is like. Another factor is the location of the college. Would you be comfortable with a very long commute or being away from home? .
  3. Take time to carefully select all your options 🖐️ Read through all the related courses to see if others jump out at your. Many people spend no time actually considering all available options and instead say their too busy because of study. Why bother studying so hard if you get into a course which you don’t even like? You mightn’t have even heard of your dream course. .
  4. Make sure to fill out your CAO in order of preference and always include back ups with far lower points just in the case of an emergency e.g. a broken arm or an illness. You always need a backup plan.

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